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Significance of Puja Thali

In Hindu Dharma, there are many ways to worship the divine God.If anyone follows the path of Kamakanda then the person has to maintain the spiritual significance attached to it.

In Hindu religion , we do Puja of any God or deity or Saint.Puja Thali has special significance while doing any ritual acitivity.

Puja thali is a tray or a big container in which the entire puja materials are decorated.Puja Thali generally available of different metals and you can also decorate your puja thali in the way you like.

Before starting the actual puja it is important that people accumulate all kind of puja samagris that is used in any puja.

Significance of Puja Thali

It is said that the elements in the puja thali mustrepresents five cosmic elements. The elements are Earth or Prithvi, Holy Water, Fire or Tej, Wind or Vayu and Ether or Akash.

These cosmic elements are chosen because they are considered to be the most important essentials that balance the entire universe. These elements help the worshipper to get the maximum blessing from the deity who is worshiped.

Main Contents of Puja Thali 

Like Haldi-kumkum,agarbatti,diya,money,cloth depending upon culture.In India, as many religion and many language people stay together.They have differences in their landuage,caste,color,traditions,way of living and many more.

But Puja Thali is common while doing any spiritual thing.In Puja thali they may kept different thigs depending upon their culture.

  • Turmeric /Sindoor paste  for holy symbols like 'Om', 'Swastika' etc.
  • Akshata (unbroken rice grains).
  • Diyas and incense sticks(Agarbatti).
  • Coconut.
  • Flowers (marigold, rose)
  • Indian sweets for Prasad.
  • Holy water in a container.

The contents may change as per festival like

In Diwali occasion, more than one diya might be arranged on thali; 
In Rakshabandhan, one rakhi is needed. 
In Shivaratri,Bael-leaves are kept.
In Birthday, we do Puja of Birthday Boy/girl for their long life

Thus in different occasions and festivals, puja thali decoration varies with importance of the rites.

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