गुरुवार, ९ नोव्हेंबर, २०१७

Significance of Puja Thali

In Hindu Dharma, there are many ways to worship the divine God.If anyone follows the path of Kamakanda then the person has to maintain the spiritual significance attached to it.

In Hindu religion , we do Puja of any God or deity or Saint.Puja Thali has special significance while doing any ritual acitivity.

Puja thali is a tray or a big container in which the entire puja materials are decorated.Puja Thali generally available of different metals and you can also decorate your puja thali in the way you like.

Before starting the actual puja it is important that people accumulate all kind of puja samagris that is used in any puja.

Significance of Puja Thali

It is said that the elements in the puja thali mustrepresents five cosmic elements. The elements are Earth or Prithvi, Holy Water, Fire or Tej, Wind or Vayu and Ether or Akash.

These cosmic elements are chosen because they are considered to be the most important essentials that balance the entire universe. These elements help the worshipper to get the maximum blessing from the deity who is worshiped.

Main Contents of Puja Thali 

Like Haldi-kumkum,agarbatti,diya,money,cloth depending upon culture.In India, as many religion and many language people stay together.They have differences in their landuage,caste,color,traditions,way of living and many more.

But Puja Thali is common while doing any spiritual thing.In Puja thali they may kept different thigs depending upon their culture.

  • Turmeric /Sindoor paste  for holy symbols like 'Om', 'Swastika' etc.
  • Akshata (unbroken rice grains).
  • Diyas and incense sticks(Agarbatti).
  • Coconut.
  • Flowers (marigold, rose)
  • Indian sweets for Prasad.
  • Holy water in a container.

The contents may change as per festival like

In Diwali occasion, more than one diya might be arranged on thali; 
In Rakshabandhan, one rakhi is needed. 
In Shivaratri,Bael-leaves are kept.
In Birthday, we do Puja of Birthday Boy/girl for their long life

Thus in different occasions and festivals, puja thali decoration varies with importance of the rites.

108 Names of Shree Ganesha

108 Names of Shree Ganesha

108 number in Hindu religions has significance.It is common practice to do Japa or mantra of any deity 108 times.

Hindus use 108 names of Lord Ganesha to describe the multitude of his impressive characteristics and powers.

Recital of this list is used to invoke the blessings of the Ganesha. It is to be noted that this list of 108 Names of Lord Ganesha can be recited in any order.

Following is the list of all 108 names of Shree Ganesha

1 ॐ विनायकाय नमः। Om Vinayakaya Namah।
2 ॐ विघ्नराजाय नमः। Om Vighnarajaya Namah।
3 ॐ गौरीपुत्राय नमः। Om Gauriputraya Namah।
4 ॐ गणेश्वराय नमः। Om Ganeshwaraya Namah।
5 ॐ स्कन्दाग्रजाय नमः। Om Skandagrajaya Namah।
6 ॐ अव्ययाय नमः। Om Avyayaya Namah।
7 ॐ पूताय नमः। Om Putaya Namah।
8 ॐ दक्षाध्यक्ष्याय नमः। Om Dakshadhyakshyaya Namah।
9 ॐ द्विजप्रियाय नमः। Om Dwijapriyaya Namah।
10 ॐ अग्निगर्भच्छिदे नमः। Om Agnigarbhachchhide Namah।
11 ॐ इन्द्रश्रीप्रदाय नमः। Om Indrashripradaya Namah।
12 ॐ वाणीबलप्रदाय नमः। Om Vanibalapradaya Namah।
13 ॐ सर्वसिद्धिप्रदायकाय नमः। Om Sarvasiddhipradayakaya Namah।
14 ॐ शर्वतनयाय नमः। Om Sharvatanayaya Namah।
15 ॐ गौरीतनूजाय नमः। Om Gauritanujaya Namah।
16 ॐ शर्वरीप्रियाय नमः। Om Sharvaripriyaya Namah।
17 ॐ सर्वात्मकाय नमः। Om Sarvatmakaya Namah।
18 ॐ सृष्टिकर्त्रे नमः। Om Srishtikartre Namah।
19 ॐ देवानीकार्चिताय नमः। Om Devanikarchitaya Namah।
20 ॐ शिवाय नमः। Om Shivaya Namah।
21 ॐ शुद्धाय नमः। Om Shuddhaya Namah।
22 ॐ बुद्धिप्रियाय नमः। Om Buddhipriyaya Namah।
23 ॐ शान्ताय नमः। Om Shantaya Namah।
24 ॐ ब्रह्मचारिणे नमः। Om Brahmacharine Namah।
25 ॐ गजाननाय नमः। Om Gajananaya Namah।
26 ॐ द्वैमातुराय नमः। Om Dwaimaturaya Namah।
27 ॐ मुनिस्तुत्याय नमः। Om Munistutyaya Namah।
28 ॐ भक्त विघ्न विनाशनाय नमः। Om Bhakta Vighna Vinashanaya Namah।
29 ॐ एकदन्ताय नमः। Om Ekadantaya Namah।
30 ॐ चतुर्बाहवे नमः। Om Chaturbahave Namah।
31 ॐ शक्तिसंयुताय नमः। Om Shaktisamyutaya Namah।
32 ॐ चतुराय नमः। Om Chaturaya Namah।
33 ॐ लम्बोदराय नमः। Om Lambodaraya Namah।
34 ॐ शूर्पकर्णाय नमः। Om Shurpakarnaya Namah।
35 ॐ हेरम्बाय नमः। Om Herambaya Namah।
36 ॐ ब्रह्मवित्तमाय नमः। Om Brahmavittamaya Namah।
37 ॐ कालाय नमः। Om Kalaya Namah।
38 ॐ ग्रहपतये नमः। Om Grahapataye Namah।
39 ॐ कामिने नमः। Om Kamine Namah।
40 ॐ सोमसूर्याग्निलोचनाय नमः। Om Somasuryagnilochanaya Namah।
41 ॐ पाशाङ्कुशधराय नमः। Om Pashankushadharaya Namah।
42 ॐ छन्दाय नमः। Om Chhandaya Namah।
43 ॐ गुणातीताय नमः। Om Gunatitaya Namah।
44 ॐ निरञ्जनाय नमः। Om Niranjanaya Namah।
45 ॐ अकल्मषाय नमः। Om Akalmashaya Namah।
46 ॐ स्वयंसिद्धार्चितपदाय नमः। Om Swayamsiddharchitapadaya Namah।
47 ॐ बीजापूरकराय नमः। Om Bijapurakaraya Namah।
48 ॐ अव्यक्ताय नमः। Om Avyaktaya Namah।
49 ॐ गदिने नमः। Om Gadine Namah।
50 ॐ वरदाय नमः। Om Varadaya Namah।
51 ॐ शाश्वताय नमः। Om Shashwataya Namah।
52 ॐ कृतिने नमः। Om Kritine Namah।
53 ॐ विद्वत्प्रियाय नमः। Om Vidwatpriyaya Namah।
54 ॐ वीतभयाय नमः। Om Vitabhayaya Namah।
55 ॐ चक्रिणे नमः। Om Chakrine Namah।
56 ॐ इक्षुचापधृते नमः। Om Ikshuchapadhrite Namah।
57 ॐ अब्जोत्पलकराय नमः। Om Abjotpalakaraya Namah।
58 ॐ श्रीधाय नमः। Om Shridhaya Namah।
59 ॐ श्रीहेतवे नमः। Om Shrihetave Namah।
60 ॐ स्तुतिहर्षताय नमः। Om Stutiharshataya Namah।
61 ॐ कलाद्भृते नमः। Om Kaladbhrite Namah।
62 ॐ जटिने नमः। Om Jatine Namah।
63 ॐ चन्द्रचूडाय नमः। Om Chandrachudaya Namah।
64 ॐ अमरेश्वराय नमः। Om Amareshwaraya Namah।
65 ॐ नागयज्ञोपवीतिने नमः। Om Nagayajnopavitine Namah।
66 ॐ श्रीकान्ताय नमः। Om Shrikantaya Namah।
67 ॐ रामार्चितपदाय नमः। Om Ramarchitapadaya Namah।
68 ॐ वृतिने नमः। Om Vritine Namah।
69 ॐ स्थूलकान्ताय नमः। Om Sthulakantaya Namah।
70 ॐ त्रयीकर्त्रे नमः। Om Trayikartre Namah।
71 ॐ सङ्घोषप्रियाय नमः। Om Sanghoshapriyaya Namah।
72 ॐ पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः। Om Purushottamaya Namah।
73 ॐ स्थूलतुण्डाय नमः। Om Sthulatundaya Namah।
74 ॐ अग्रजन्याय नमः। Om Agrajanyaya Namah।
75 ॐ ग्रामण्ये नमः। Om Gramanye Namah।
76 ॐ गणपाय नमः। Om Ganapaya Namah।
77 ॐ स्थिराय नमः। Om Sthiraya Namah।
78 ॐ वृद्धिदाय नमः। Om Vriddhidaya Namah।
79 ॐ सुभगाय नमः। Om Subhagaya Namah।
80 ॐ शूराय नमः। Om Shuraya Namah।
81 ॐ वागीशाय नमः। Om Vagishaya Namah।
82 ॐ सिद्धिदाय नमः। Om Siddhidaya Namah।
83 ॐ दूर्वाबिल्वप्रियाय नमः। Om Durvabilvapriyaya Namah।
84 ॐ कान्ताय नमः। Om Kantaya Namah।
85 ॐ पापहारिणे नमः। Om Papaharine Namah।
86 ॐ कृतागमाय नमः। Om Kritagamaya Namah।
87 ॐ समाहिताय नमः। Om Samahitaya Namah।
88 ॐ वक्रतुण्डाय नमः। Om Vakratundaya Namah।
89 ॐ श्रीप्रदाय नमः। Om Shripradaya Namah।
90 ॐ सौम्याय नमः। Om Saumyaya Namah।
91 ॐ भक्ताकाङ्क्षितदाय नमः। Om Bhaktakankshitadaya Namah।
92 ॐ अच्युताय नमः। Om Achyutaya Namah।
93 ॐ केवलाय नमः। Om Kevalaya Namah।
94 ॐ सिद्धाय नमः। Om Siddhaya Namah।
95 ॐ सच्चिदानन्दविग्रहाय नमः। Om Sachchidanandavigrahaya Namah।
96 ॐ ज्ञानिने नमः। Om Jnanine Namah।
97 ॐ मायायुक्ताय नमः। Om Mayayuktaya Namah।
98 ॐ दन्ताय नमः। Om Dantaya Namah।
99 ॐ ब्रह्मिष्ठाय नमः। Om Brahmishthaya Namah।
100 ॐ भयावर्चिताय नमः। Om Bhayavarchitaya Namah।
101 ॐ प्रमत्तदैत्यभयदाय नमः। Om Pramattadaityabhayadaya Namah।
102 ॐ व्यक्तमूर्तये नमः। Om Vyaktamurtaye Namah।
103 ॐ अमूर्तये नमः। Om Amurtaye Namah।
104 ॐ पार्वतीशङ्करोत्सङ्गखेलनोत्सवलालनाय नमः। Om Parvatishankarotsangakhelanotsavalalanaya Namah।
105 ॐ समस्तजगदाधाराय नमः। Om Samastajagadadharaya Namah।
106 ॐ वरमूषकवाहनाय नमः। Om Varamushakavahanaya Namah।
107 ॐ हृष्टस्तुताय नमः। Om Hrishtastutaya Namah।
108 ॐ प्रसन्नात्मने नमः। Om Prasannatmane Namah।
109 ॐ सर्वसिद्धिप्रदायकाय नमः। Om Sarvasiddhipradayakaya Namah।

शुक्रवार, ९ जून, २०१७

Saraswati Stotra

Saraswati Stotram is one of the Stotrams of Saraswati Mata. This Stotram is recited on various occasions related to Goddess Saraswati.

॥श्रीसरस्वती स्तोत्रम्॥

या कुन्देन्दु-तुषारहार-धवला या शुभ्र-वस्त्रावृता
या वीणावरदण्डमन्डितकरा या श्वेतपद्मासना।
या ब्रह्माच्युत-शंकर-प्रभृतिभिर्देवैः सदा पूजिता
सा मां पातु सरस्वती भगवती निःशेषजाड्यापहा ॥१॥

दोर्भिर्युक्ता चतुर्भिः स्फटिकमणिमयीमक्षमालां दधाना
हस्तेनैकेन पद्मं सितमपि च शुकं पुस्तकं चापरेण।
भासा कुन्देन्दु-शंखस्फटिकमणिनिभा भासमानाऽसमाना
सा मे वाग्देवतेयं निवसतु वदने सर्वदा सुप्रसन्ना ॥२॥

आशासु राशी भवदंगवल्लि भासैव दासीकृत-दुग्धसिन्धुम्।
मन्दस्मितैर्निन्दित-शारदेन्दुं वन्देऽरविन्दासन-सुन्दरि त्वाम् ॥३॥

शारदा शारदाम्बोजवदना वदनाम्बुजे।
सर्वदा सर्वदास्माकं सन्निधिं सन्निधिं क्रियात् ॥४॥

सरस्वतीं च तां नौमि वागधिष्ठातृ-देवताम्।
देवत्वं प्रतिपद्यन्ते यदनुग्रहतो जनाः ॥५॥

पातु नो निकषग्रावा मतिहेम्नः सरस्वती।
प्राज्ञेतरपरिच्छेदं वचसैव करोति या ॥६॥

शुद्धां ब्रह्मविचारसारपरमा-माद्यां जगद्व्यापिनीं
वीणापुस्तकधारिणीमभयदां जाड्यान्धकारापहाम्।
हस्ते स्पाटिकमालिकां विदधतीं पद्मासने संस्थितां
वन्दे तां परमेश्वरीं भगवतीं बुद्धिप्रदां शारदाम् ॥७॥

वीणाधरे विपुलमंगलदानशीले
भक्तार्तिनाशिनि विरिंचिहरीशवन्द्ये।
कीर्तिप्रदेऽखिलमनोरथदे महार्हे
विद्याप्रदायिनि सरस्वति नौमि नित्यम् ॥८॥

श्वेताब्जपूर्ण-विमलासन-संस्थिते हे
विद्याप्रदायिनि सरस्वति नौमि नित्यम् ॥९॥

ये त्वां भजन्ति निखिलानपरान्विहाय।
ते निर्जरत्वमिह यान्ति कलेवरेण
भूवह्नि-वायु-गगनाम्बु-विनिर्मितेन ॥१०॥

मोहान्धकार-भरिते हृदये मदीये
मातः सदैव कुरु वासमुदारभावे।
शीघ्रं विनाशय मनोगतमन्धकारम् ॥११॥

ब्रह्मा जगत् सृजति पालयतीन्दिरेशः
शम्भुर्विनाशयति देवि तव प्रभावैः।
न स्यात्कृपा यदि तव प्रकटप्रभावे
न स्युः कथंचिदपि ते निजकार्यदक्षाः ॥१२॥

लक्ष्मिर्मेधा धरा पुष्टिर्गौरी तृष्टिः प्रभा धृतिः।
एताभिः पाहि तनुभिरष्टभिर्मां सरस्वती ॥१३॥

सरसवत्यै नमो नित्यं भद्रकाल्यै नमो नमः।
वेद-वेदान्त-वेदांग-विद्यास्थानेभ्य एव च ॥१४॥

सरस्वति महाभागे विद्ये कमललोचने।
विद्यारूपे विशालाक्षि विद्यां देहि नमोस्तु ते ॥१५॥

यदक्षर-पदभ्रष्टं मात्राहीनं च यद्भवेत्।
तत्सर्वं क्षम्यतां देवि प्रसीद परमेश्वरि ॥१६॥
॥इति श्रीसरस्वती स्तोत्रम् संपूर्णं॥

Ganesha Stora with Twelve names

Twelve names of Ganesha

Pranamya Shirasa Devam
Gauriputram Vinaayakam l
Bhakataavaasam Smare Nityam
Aayuh Kaamartha Siddhaye ll 1 ll

Meaning: Every day, I bow down to that Lord, the son of Gowri, the Lord one who lives in the heart of the devotees, blessing them always with good health and prosperity.

Prathamam Vakratundam Cha
Ekadantam Dviteeyakam l
Thriteeyam Krishna Pingaaksham
Gajavaktram Chaturthakam ll 2 ll

Meaning: Starting from here the twelve names of Ganesha are mentioned and he is worshipped in those different forms. The first as the Lord with the curved trunk; second, as the one with only one tusk, third, as the one with black (red/brown) eyes, fourth, as the one with giant structure.

Lambodaram Panchamaam Cha
Shashtam Vikatameva Cha l
Saptamam Vighnaraajendram
Dhoomravarnam Tathaashtamam ll 3 ll

Meaning: Fifth, as the one with a big (long) stomach, six, as the one with a huge body Seven, as the remover of obstacles, eight, as the one with smoke gray color.

Navamam Phaalachandram Cha
Dasamam Tu Vinaayakam l
Ekaadasam Ganapatim
Dvaadasam Tu Gajaananam ll 4 ll

Meaning: Ninth, as the one with moon on the front of His head, tenth, as the foremost leader, eleventh, as the leader of the ganas, twelfth as the one with elephant face.

Dvaadasaitaani Naamaani
Trisandhyam Yah Pathernnarah l
Na Cha Vighna Bhayam Tasya
Sarva Siddhikaram Prabho ll 5 ll

Meaning: Any person, who remembers these twelve names of Ganesha, three times in a day, will have all their obstacles and fear removed and will attain success. (This group of verses is said to be sage Narada’s offering to Lord Ganesh.)

शुक्रवार, ५ मे, २०१७

Ganapati Atharvashirsha with meaning

Ganapati Atharvashirsha with Meaning

Om Namste Ganpataye
Tvameva Pratyaksham Tatvamasi
Tvamev Kevalam Kartasi
Tvamev Kevalam Dhartasi
Tvamev Kevlam Hartasi
Tvamev Sarvam Khalvidam Bramhasi
Tvam Sakshadatmasi Nityam || 1 ||

O Lord Ganesha
I Pay my deep homage to you, the Lord of the Deva-Gana
You are the first facet of the Bramha-Tatva to arise
You have alone created this Entire universe
You alone can maintain this universe
You are indeed the all conquering supreme Lord
Indeed you are the "ATMA" || 1 ||

Rritam Vachmi
Satyam Vachmi || 2 ||

Speak noble fact
Speak complete Truth || 2 ||

Ava tvam Mam
Ava Vaktaram
Ava Shrotaram
Ava Dataram
Ava Dhataram
Avanuchanamv Shishyam
Ava Paschatat
Ava Purastat
Avo Uttaratat
Ava Dakshinatat
Ava chordhvatat
Ava Dharatat
Sarvatomam Pahi Pahi Samantat || 3 ||

Protect me
Protect the one who Describes you
Protect all who hear about your characteristics
Protect me & the disciples who are under Tutelage
Protect me from the obstacles (which arise during Rituals)
From the east (Similarly)
Protect me from the West,
From the North
From the South
Protect me from above & below
Protect me from all directions || 3 ||

Tvam Vangmayastvam Chinmaya
Tvam Anandmayastvam Bramhamaya
Tvam Sachitananda Dvitiyosi
Tvam Pratyaksham Bramhasi
Tvam Jnanmayo Vijnanamayo Asi || 4 ||

You are the constituent of speech
You are Joy & Immortal Consciousness
You are Truth, Mind & Bliss... one without a second
You are none other than divinity
You are Knowledge of Gross & Subtle types || 4 ||

Sarvam Jagadidam Tatvo Jayate
Sarvam Jagadidam Tvat Sti Shastati
Sarvam Jagadidam Tvay Layamesyati
Sarvam Jagadidam Tvayi Pratyeti
Tvam Bhumi Rapo Nalo Nilo Nabha
Tvam Chatvarim Vak Padaini || 5 ||

All the Universes manifest due to you
All the Universes are sustained by you
All the Universes get destroyed in you
All the Universes finally get merged in you
You alone are Earth. Water, Fire, Air & Either
You are the 4 types of speech & the root source of sound || 5 ||

Tvam Guna Traya Atitaha
Tvam Deha Treya Atitaha
Tvam Kala Treya Atitaha
Tvam Avastreya Atitaha
Tvam Muladhar Stiti Yosi Nityam
Tvam Shakti Treya Atmakaha
Tvam Yogino Dhayayanti Nityam
Tvam Bramhastvan, Vishnustvam, Rudrastvam, Indrastvam Agnistvam, Vayustvam, Suryastvam, Chndramastvam, Bramha Bhur Bhuva Svorom || 6 ||

You are beyond the 3 'GUNAS', (Satva; Pure, Rajas: Activating & Tamas: Dull)
You are beyond the 3 Bodies; (Gross, Subtle & Casual)
You are beyond Past, Present & Future (3 State of Time)
You are beyond 3 states of being; (Awake, dream & Deep Sleep)
You always Reside in the "MULADHARA" Chakra
You are the trinity of Power; (Creative Maintaining & Destructive Powers)
Sages always Meditate on you
You are the creator. Sustainer, Destroyer, The Lord of 3 worlds, Fire, Air, Sun, Moon, You are all inclusive & all Pervading || 6 ||

Ganadim Purvamuccharaya Varnadim Tada Nantaram
Anusvara Paratarah
Ardhendu Lasitam
Taren Hridam
Etatva Manu Svarupam
Gakarah Purva Rupam
Akaro Madhyam Rupam
Anu Svaraschantya Rupam
Bindu Ruta Rupam
Nadah Sandhanam
Sagm Hitaa Sandihi
Sesha Ganeshvidhya
Ganal Rishi; Nichrud Gayatri chandah
Ganpatir devata
Om 'GUNG' Ganpataye Namah || 7 ||

After Describing the Characteristics & Cosmic Attributes Of Lord Ganesha, Atharvan Rishi Gives us the Sacred "GANESH VIDYA" i.e. the Mantra which Reveals the Sacred Form of Lord Ganesh. The Letter "GA" is to be enunciated, following by "NA" This one word Mantra is then Potentiated with the "PRANAVA" "OM". This is Sacred Mantra. (In order to make it Simpler, Atharvan Rishi Present the above easier FASHION, Remember that Knowledge was transmitted orally in those days.)
"GA" is the first part, "Na" is the middle & end "UM" formed by the bindu is conjoined with the foregoing & all of them form the Sacred word. This Mantra if pronounced properly, has the power of revaling The Divine Lord Ganesh, The sage who receives the Mantra is Ganaka & the Metre is "NICHRAT GAYATRI" The Diety is Ganapati. Om 'GANG' Ganapati My salutation to you || 7 ||
Saying Thus, The Devotees should bow to the Lord.

Ek Dantaya Vid Mahe vakra Tundaya Dhimahi
Tanno danti Prachodayat || 8 ||

Mediate on the single Tusked Lord, with bent Trunk
May He Grant Knowledge & Inspire me || 8 ||

Ek Dantam Chatur Hastam Pashmam Kusha Dharinam
Radamch Vardam Hastair Bhi Bhranum Mushaka Dhvajam
Raktam Lambodaram Shoorpakarnkam Rakta Vasasamam
Raktam Gandhanu Liptangam Rakta Pushpaihi saupujitam
Bhaktanu Kampinam Devam Jagat Karnam Achutam
Avir Bhutam Cha Shrasta Yadao, Prakruthe Purushat Param
Evam Dhayayati Yo Nityam, Sa Yogi Yoginam Varah || 9 ||

The "SAGUNA" Form of Lord Ganesha is presented in the above Shloka I salute the Lord with 1 tusk (Right side) Who has 4 hands;
Upper Right carrying binding rope; Upper left hoalding goad; lower left carrying Broken tusk & the lower right blesses us, the mouse on his banner is also his vehicle.
He is blood red in colour; Pot-Bellied; He has elephant ears & wears red clothes
He is smeared with red sandalwood & decorated with red flowers
He is eternally blessings his devotees & was existing before Cosmos
He is beyond "PRAKRITI" & "PURUSHA" & is ever creating universes
One who meditates on him constantly, is a Supreme Yogi || 9 ||
(This is the Ganesh "Gayatri", Which is Self Sufficient)

Namo Vrat Pataye, Namo Ganapataye
Namo Pramatha patye, Namste Stu Lambodaraya Ekdantaya, Vighna Nashine Shiv Sutaya, Sri Varad Murtiye Namo Namah || 10 ||

Salutations to you Lord of all Deities, Ganas & all beings
(Salutations To) The Post-Bellied one with 1 Tusk who destroys all obstacles, son if Shiva The Divine Lord who grants, Boons (We bow to you) Taking your name || 10 ||

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