शुक्रवार, ८ जुलै, २०१६

Meaning of Ghalin Lotangan

Ghalin Lotangan Vandin Charan, Dolyani Pahin Rupa tujhe|
Preme Alingin Anande Pujin, Bhave Ovaalin Mhanen Naamah||1||
I bow low to you, I worship your holy feet.I fill my eyes with your sight.
Will hug you with all my love and worship you with all the happiness within!I worship (you) with all my heart (devotion, feelings)

Twamev Mata Pita Twamev, Twamev Bandhusch Sakha Twamev|
Twamev Vidya Dravinam Twamev| , Twamev Sarvam Mam Dev Dev||2||
After all, you only are my Mother, You are my Father.You are my Sibling and my companion.
You, and none else, are my knowledge and money.You are my everything

Kaayen Vacha Mansendriyevaah,Buddhyatmnava prakrute swabhavat |
Karomi Yad Yat Sakalam Parasmai,Narayana Iti Samarpayami ||3 ||
I dedicate to Lord Narayana(Vishnu) whatever actions(endeavors, Yajna) I perform: with my body, speech, mind, limbs, intellect or mind; performed either intentionally or unintentionally (naturally, involuntarily).

Achyutam Keshvam Ram Narayanam,Krushna Damodaram Vasudevam Hari |
Sridharam Madhavam Gopika Vallabham ,Janaki Nayakam Ramchandra Bhaje ||4||
Salute You O Acyuta (the Infallible One), I Salute You O Keshava (Who nominates and Controls everyone, Who has beautiful Hair and Who killed the demon Keshi), I Salute You O Rama the Incarnation of Narayana (Who is without any blemish),

Hare Ram Hare Ram
Ram Ram Hare Hare
Hare Krushna Hare Krushna Krushna Krushna Hare Hare!!

All Hail to Lord Krishna Narayana!!May HE continue to bless us with all the love!!

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